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ReactiveMongo for Scala: Unleashing MongoDB Streaming capabilities for Realtime Web

Oct 18 • Posted 2 years ago

This is a guest post by Stéphane Godbillon, software architect at Zenexity _ I am very excited to introduce ReactiveMongo, a brand new Scala driver for MongoDB. More than just yet-another-async-driver, it’s a _reactive driver that allows you to design very scalable applications unleashing MongoDB capabilities like streaming infinite live collections and files for modern Realtime Web applications.

What does reactive mean?

I/O operations may be handled in the following ways: * synchronously: each time a request is sent, the running thread is blocked, waiting for the response to arrive. When the response is received, the execution flow resumes. * asynchronously: the code handling the response may be not run simultaneously (often in a closure). Still, a thread may be blocked, but it may not be the same thread that did the request. * non-blocking: sending a request does not block any thread.

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