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Grails in the Land of MongoDB

Feb 29 • Posted 2 years ago

Groovy and Grails’ speed and simplicity are a perfect match to the flexibility and power of MongoDB. Dozens of plugins and libraries connect these two together, making it a breeze to get Grooving with MongoDB.

Using Grails with MongoDB

For the purpose of this post, let’s pretend we’re writing a hospital application that uses the following domain class.

class Doctor { 
  String first 
  String last 
  String degree 
  String specialty 

There are a few grails plugins that help communicate with MongoDB, but one of the easiest to use is the one created by Graeme Rocher himself (Grails project lead). The MongoDB GORM plugin allows you to persist all your domain classes in MongoDB. To use it, first remove any unneeded persistance-related plugins after you’ve executed the ‘grails create-app’ command, and install the MongoDB GORM plugin.

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