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Interview with Joe Devon, Organizer of the Los Angeles MongoDB User Group

Nov 12 • Posted 1 year ago

The Los Angeles MongoDB User Group was founded in the summer of 2011 and, thanks to the leadership of Joe Devon, has grown to over 400 members in the past year. Joe Devon, a long-time member of the Silicon Beach tech community, shares his insights from a year of working with the MongoDB community in Los Angeles. 

You’re a User Group Veteran. How did you get started organizing user groups?

I was living in NY, with several meetups to choose from every night. Then moved to Los Angeles, where there were none. In the words of Cal Evans, if you don’t know who your local organizer is, you’re looking at him :) 

So I started a bunch of meetups, told people to gather at Panera Bread once a month in one big, joint set of meetups…. And couldn’t get 10 people to show. But after awhile, there were some regulars. Some of whom agreed to take over a group here, a group there. Fast forward to today and there’s a ton of tech meetups in Los Angeles, with sometimes 100-200 people showing up on good nights. 

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