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ODBC Connector for MongoDB

May 7 • Posted 1 year ago

This is a guest post by NYU Information Systems (MSIS) Graduate students Kyle Galloway, Pravish Sood and Dylan Kelemen.

We are pleased to announce the Mongo-ODBC project. As NYU MSIS students in Courant Institute’s Information Technology Projects course, we are working under the guidance of 10gen and our Professor Evan Korth to develop an ODBC (Open-Database-Connectivity) driver for MongoDB.

ODBC was created in order to facilitate the movement of data between applications with different file structures and although it is not as popular as it once was, in part due to more flexible alternatives like MongoDB, but many programs maintain ODBC compliance. The goal of our project is to create an ODBC driver that supports the ODBC functions that can be carried out on MongoDB. This will allow users of programs that don’t yet offer MongoDB support some access to data in MongoDB databases. We believe this will particularly useful for new users and those dependent on programs like Excel and Tableau for simple business analysis reporting.

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