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MongoDB, build parties, and deploying your web application at 11am on a Wednesday

May 12 • Posted 1 year ago

This is a guest post by Sean Reilly. Release your applications with MongoDB more often and get closer to the ultimate goal of deploying applications anytime and why not at 11am on Wednesday mornings?

What you will learn…

This article explores how to make use of MongoDB characteristics in order to avoid the downtime traditionally required by migration scripts in the SQL world. This is in order to get closer to the goal of being able to deploy applications with no downtime.

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October MongoDB Blogroll and Releases

Nov 5 • Posted 1 year ago

August MongoDB Releases and Blogroll

Sep 2 • Posted 2 years ago

This August saw a number of new MongoDB releases, including MongoDB 2.2 and compatible driver releases

Blog posts on MongoDB 2.2

Noteworthy Blog Posts of the Month

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1.0 GA Released

Aug 27 • Posted 5 years ago

The MongoDB team is very happy to announce that we have released MongoDB version 1.0.0.

MongoDB 1.0.0 is production ready for single master, master/slave and replica pair environments.  While there are many more features that people want and that we are working on, 1.0 is very stable and the code base has been used in production for over 18 months.

As usual, you can get from here:

Note: No changes have been made between 0.9.10 and 1.0.0.  There is a v1.0 branch on github for the 1.0.x releases.  See for more notes about version numbers.

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